Hortycodes is happy to work with nurseries, arboretums, botanical gardens, florists and garden centers. We will negotiate with you to come to a solution that works for you. Please contact us for more information.

In addition to the Hortycode signage we also offer the following services:
  • Nursery Connect
    Nursery Connect comes standard. Connect your collections with the inventories of local nurseries. Potentially increases the revenues of both parties and helps support the local horticultural economy.

  • Language Translations
    Currently offering Spanish & French translations. More languages are continually being added.

  • Hortycode Scan Tracking
    This service gives you the ability to view you how often and what types of plants are being scanned and the ability to export this data.

  • Embedded Coupons
    Create your own coupons and embed them in the Hortycode. This is a great application for those institutions with gift shops and merchandise.

  • Custom Branding
    We will design the mobile display with your custom colors and logos!

  • Hortycode Hunt Mobile Game
    Fun and Educational Mobile Gaming application. Coming Soon!

  • How it All Works

    Horticultural Data

    Hortycodes, LLC gets horticultural data from the USDA PLANTS database and other reputable sources of data, such as Horticulture Departments of colleges and universities. We can replace or include horticultural data from institutions if the data is provided.

    The basic horticultural information that is available on the Hortycode™ such as zone information, bloom time, size, soil and sun preferences etc. are NOT harvested from Wikipedia. We do, however, provide links to Wikipedia for users to gain additional information about the species in question. These links can be removed at the request of institutions.